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Litwa, Białoruś, Rosja, Finlandia, Estonia i Łotwa.


Też coś napiszę tu niedługo ...


Behind Polish eastern border...

After travelling so far I have decided finally to go to Polish neighbours. I have visited the closest countries behind Polish eastern border. Unfortunately I could just visit most famous cities and I didn't even go to countryside. I just had little more than 3 weeks of vocations. I tried to take the most of it anyway. I have started with my friend from Lithuania where we have seen Kaunas and Vilnius. After that we went to Belarus to see Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Mir and Njashvitz. Than already alone I went to Russia to see Moscow and St. Petersburg. After that I have visited capitals 3 more countries. Helsinki in Finland, Tallinn in Estonia and Riga in Latvia.
Here you can find albums with pictures from this places. All are great! That was very interesting trip for me. I have met so many great people. For the first time I went with couchsurfing which is the perfect place to meet incredible people and sleep at their house in the city where you want to go. I had so many opinion changing conversations. Thanks to all people that I met I had to throw away all my old stereotypes and replace them with very positive and valuable experience. Thank you all for hosting me! Thank you for spending time with me! I will never forget this trip.

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